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Cheap Cell Phone Plans With Unlimited Text

If you are somebody who likes to send lots of text messages, but are on a tight budget, you are probably looking for cheap cell phone plans with unlimited text. There is more than one way to attain what you are looking for. We will lay out what we believe are some good options when looking for cheap unlimited texting plans, or at least cheap plans with lots of text messages.

Our first option is Rebuplic Wireless. With plans starting at $5 per month on WIFI only and $10 a month with unlimited talk and text which includes traditional cellular service. Rebublic Wireless uses a hybrid service utilizing WIFI when available and cellular technology when it is not. To get data in 3G/WIFI you would pay $25 a month and to get unlimited 4G data, you would pay $40 per month. If you don't use data away from home, $10 per month for unlimited talk and text is a super deal.

Next we have Net10 Wireless. For just $35 per month, you get unlimited talk and texting. While there is no data on this plan, for $5 more, or $40 per month you can get unlimited data as well. The first 500 MB of this data is high speed or 4G. If you want a cheaper option, you can simply buy minutes that can be used for talk and text, however, these are not unlimited. Net10 Wireless is a great value for the person on a budget. Plus, you have no contracts to sign.

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The next option that we think is a good cheap cell phone plan with unlimited texting is the Virgin Mobile $35 per month plan. It allows you to send all the messages your heart desires, plus gives you a few hundred minutes to make calls each month for just $35 plus taxes. This is a great option if you are looking for a cheap kid’s cellular plan with texting. It is even a better plan for teenagers. No matter what your situation, if you like texting, this is a great option for you.

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Our third option is a Walmart cell phone special. It is a prepaid service called Straight Talk. While this service doesn’t give you unlimited texting on this cheaper option, they do have an option for $45 per month that gives you unlimited talk, text, and web. When it comes to a great value for cheap service though, unless you are a mega texter we believe their $30 plan represents unbelievable value. You get 1000 minutes and 1000 messages per month, along with some data. That is about 33 texts per day you can either send or receive.

Our last recommendation is best for families. It is the tried and true T-Mobile family plan with unlimited messaging for families. This is especially a good option if you need lines for four to five people as it reduces the average cost paid per line. With five lines, you could average $24 per person. Or if only one person needed messaging, then you could average $20 per person before taxes. The nice thing about family plans, especially with T-Mobile is the ability to add children and to provide great senior citizen cellular phone plan options.

We believe these are all good options one should consider when looking for cheap unlimited text cell phone plans. With the first three options, you don’t have to sign a contract, with the family plan option, you do have to sign a two year contract. This information was updated on June 1, 2012. Please verify with the providers before you sign up. Also – we are in no way affiliated with T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, or Sraight Talk. We hope we have also answered the following questions when it pertains to cheap cell phone plans with unlimited texting.

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